Septic Alternatives

A septic alternative that’s both affordable and environmentally-friendly.

Lakewood Property Management offers an innovative and environmentally-friendly septic alternative through the use of composting toilets. These toilets are flushable, affordable, and non-polluting with no chance of septic tank cracking or leaking within your property, yard, or lake.


Our system’s composting toilets use little to no water, only need to be emptied approximately two times per year, and are much less hassle relative to the septic systems of the past. Our septic alternative systems are perfectly suited for cottages, cabins, waterfront properties, basements, and more.

"I was so happy to learn that there was a toilet option for our on-the-water cottage. I am not an outhouse-in-the-dark kind of person. I love the appearance and the functionality of the composting toilet system. It was so much more affordable than engineering a new septic system, and so much quicker and less disruptive to install relative to blasting through rock to put in a tank. I'm so pleased to have a modern cottage that doesn't harm the lake. Bye-bye outhouse!"

—Kris B.

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