Insurance Repairs

Insurance repairs claims without the hassle, misinformation, or lengthy delays.

Insurance Repair Claim Consulting


Insurance repair claims can often be a confusing and hasty process, leaving many property owners feeling overwhelmed. It takes an inside knowledge of how insurance repair claims work to negotiate rates and get a fair payout on your claim. At Lakewood Property Management, we guide you through this tricky process by teaching our clients to be their own advocate with insurance companies, avoid common pitfalls, and advise on whether or not to use an insurance company’s contractors or hire an outside vendor.


Book a 30-minute phone consultation with Tim for a flat rate of $50 to discover how to get the most out of your insurance claim to save you time, money, and frustration.


Insurance Repairs


Are you concerned about lengthy delays to your insurance repair projects? Often, insurance companies will do tear-out work as quickly as possible to secure jobs for their vendors for which they receive a referral fee. The tear-out work is done, but the actual renovation or repair can often be scheduled for up to nine months away. At this point, you have already entered into the agreement and the timeline is out of your control.


With Lakewood Property Management, we help you manage your repair project much faster than a typical insurance company, tailor your repair to your individual needs, and get you back to enjoying your home or property quickly.

"I called Lakewood Management when my basement flooded. They provided immediate consultation services and fully explained how my insurance company would proceed. I also had them do the immediate water damage and mold remediation and the subsequent repairs. They were extremely knowledgeable, thorough, timely and fair. I highly recommend them!"

—Harper J.



Handle your next insurance repair without fear, stress, or confusion. Contact Lakewood Property Management today to access expert advice and efficient repair services.