Property Consulting

Get the most out of your property with practical, experience-based advice.

Sales Consulting


Selling a property can be stressful for many homeowners. Consult with Lakewood Property Management to eliminate the hassle and get the most value out of your property. We meet with you one-on-one to discuss what improvements may be needed to get the best price for your home and to find your ideal buyer.


Rental Consulting


Finding the perfect tenants for your property can be difficult. For only 50% of your property’s first month's rent, Lakewood Property Management will assist you in renting your property quickly and to the right tenants.

Our rental consulting services include:

  • Advertisement of your rental property on Lakewood Property Management's website and other popular rental listing agencies


  • In-depth screening of prospective tenants


  • Property showings to prospective tenants who have passed the screening requirements


  • Careful review of rental applications including employment and rental references


  • Facilitation of the lease signing


  • Collection of rental deposit


Insurance Repair Claim Consulting


Insurance repair claims can often be a confusing and hasty process, leaving many property owners feeling overwhelmed. It takes an inside knowledge of how insurance repair claims work to negotiate rates and get a fair payout on your claim. At Lakewood Property Management, we guide you through this tricky process by teaching our clients to be their own advocate with insurance companies, avoid common pitfalls, and advise on whether or not to use an insurance company’s contractors or hire an outside vendor.


Book a 30-minute phone consultation with Tim for a flat rate of $50 to discover how to get the most out of your insurance claim to save you time, money, and frustration.


"Tim is one of the best contractors I have worked with.  Not only is Tim hard working, he also pays attention to the details and has strong interpersonal skills."

—David H.

Connect with us to learn more about our sales, rental, and insurance repair claim consulting services.